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 The NuPro Camera

Blows every other sport camera out of the water!

It's the best sports action camera

It's a pocket camera two views of camera

It's a tactical camera with superior features

It's a cruise and resort camera of convenience and ease

It's a tourist camera that's ready all the time

It's a video camera

It's a sound recorder

It's a still camera with the features of an SLR


Now there are two models:

the Submarine used for SCUBA diving to 192 feet deep


the Splash which can withstand rain and surf.  (The splash is especially good for those who don't need to take the camera diving.  It does everything the Submarine model does but costs much less. Just don't take it scuba diving.)



It's a 12 mega pixel sports action camera with full camera settings for video and single shot photography,   Video and still photography couldn't be easier.


 The NuPro is a sports camera engineered to its most functional design so it can also be used by law enforcement or the military with the least amount of "get ready".  That means the controls must be quick and easy to use in a tactical situation. (even while wearing gloves)  It does not need to be installed in a waterproof case before going in the water. It has an Aluminum Magnesium Alloy shell. It's waterproof the way it is.  Take it out of your pocket and begin shooting.  It has only 2 buttons but full feature (use more than 35 camera settings or just point and shoot) access capability using the buttons. Or, let the camera make the decisions for ISO setting, white balance, shutter speed, lens opening etc. That makes it perfect for serious sport photographers.  It comes with a full set of mounting equipment that screws into its  tripod socket for windshields, helmets, handlebars, etc. 


Also available in black















We've been told that the black color makes the camera less noticeable.  This helps taking candid pictures of dogs and children because a shiny camera attracts their attention.  It also makes candid photography a lot easier.

On the other hand, we've also been told that the black color is more modern and has a richer appearance.

We'll let you decide which model you would prefer.  They're both available on the shopping page.



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Compare the NuPro to the older model, 4 button, sports cameras that need to be put in a waterproof plastic case in order to use them under water or in the rain.