Strap Bracket

The strap mount will fit it securely to your helmet as well as any irregularly shaped object such as your arm or leg, a tree branch, or even a turtle.  Let your imagination be your guide.



 helmut mount



The mounting platform has a rotating fitting so you can adjust the camera to the angle you want.


 NewPro Helmet


Shown here mounted on a helmet. 


 The straps are holding it in place but there is also an adhesive plate  that comes with it if  you're stickergoing to give it a real workout. The adhesive is on the underside of the mounting plate and can stay in place on  your helmet even when the mounting bracket is removed.


tree mount

The NuPro can be easily mounted to such objects as a tree for shooting videos of wildlife or intruders by using the motion detection function.  You don't have to worry about rain. If your neighbor is picking  your oranges when you're not home, you will have him on video.



arm mount





Mounting it on your arm or leg can give you some interesting  angles if your hands are busy holding handlebars, a magazine or a package.