Tube Bracket

For handlebars, poles, etc.


bike mountt

 An extremely versatile mounting bracket that can be used to mount on the handlebars of many different kinds of motorcycles, bicycles, shopping carts, baby carriages, etc. . It can be mounted on the roll-bars of small vehicles.

Mount it on bamboo poles, garden tools or playground equipment.  


It will work easily on a tree branch for nature work or on the end of any kind of pole to use it as an extension arm to get closer to a subject.  Used on a tree branch and taking advantage of the motion sensor feature of the camera you have an excellent tool to capture wildlife.




 no camera


You don't have to buy a "selfie-stick" as you would with one of the little plastic cased cameras (shown at left) that need special mounts.




NOTE: The stick shown below is not part of the set.  The picture is shown only to illustrate how easily you can use the Bar Bracket to mount  your camera on many different kinds of objects.  An aluminum extension pole from Home Depot, a cane or walking stick, a camera monopod or even a broomstick can be quickly converted into an extension handle.