Suction Cup

The suction cup bracket will mount securely on any smooth surface.  Use it on such things as a window, refrigerator, fender, tool box, table top, door, etc.


Record your car travels through the windshield.

The camera will recycle in time lengths set by you so you can stop it after an occurrence  you may want to preserve.


car mountThe suction cup bracket consists of a suction cup base with a ball joint head topped with a standard tripod threaded screw.

The easiest way to mount it to shoot what happens in front of your car is to attach it to your windshield. In that position the camera will be upside down, hanging from the bracket. In order to use the camera for video in this position you should select the inverted image mode in the camera adjustments menu. 




windshield mount

If you do this, the image you will see in the back of the camera will be right side up and the recorded image will be right side up.  After a few minutes, the screen will go blank to conserve battery power but the filming will continue.  There are a number of recording and image loop times that you can select for this purpose.




 tile wall



Of course you don't have to limit this bracket to the windshield.  This is a convenient mount to set the camera on any kind of smooth surface.  Used with the motion sensor and the timing loop this will give  you a convenient method to keep an eye open for trespassers or to see what  your dog is doing in the living room while you're not home. Here you see it mounted on a tile wall.






 on fender

Used in conjunction with the 2 second shutter delay this will give  you tripod like rock steady single images when mounted on a car fender as shown in the picture on the right.





no camera

Unlike the little cameras in a plastic case (shown at left) you are not limited to the length of time allowed by the small battery in the plastic camera.  With those, you would have to open the camera and replace the battery with a fresh one when your camera runs out of power.


 With the NuPro, you can run a USB cable directly from the camera to any of very many kinds of battery backups, including  your car accessory socket for uninterrupted shooting.