Other Cables

Optional cables to extend the versatility of your NewPro. 

These cables do not come with your camera but are readily available.


The NewPro is HDMI capable.  All you need to do to enjoy HDMI performance is to purchase an HDMI cable, which is not included with the camera.  There is an HDMI socket beneath the waterproof hatch cover.

HDMI is a digital video/audio signal format which, since its introduction just a few years ago, has taken the home theater world by storm. An HDMI cable consists primarily of a set of shielded twisted pairs which carry video data, together with embedded audio, at extremely high bitrates.


AV cable


The NewPro is has an AV socket built into the camera, located beneath the waterproof hatch cover.

The AV cable is an easy way to play your videos with sound through your TV set.