Battery Comparison

Advantages of the NewPro battery system as compared to the GoPro

Comparison of batteries in GoPro and NuPro

and why the NuPro works so much better.


 Camera  GoPro Hero 3+ Silver NuPro 
 Battery replacement Price  $19.99  $18.95
 Estimated charging cycles  300-500 500-1000
 Lithium-ion battery  1050 mAH  900 mAH
  Estimated Life  2 -3 years  4-5 years
 Approximate single charge running time  70 minutes   3 hours


High temperature and constant drainage damage your battery.  An overheating camera can be more damaging to your battery than cycling. 

 empty case

1. Heat build-up in the camera destroys the life of the battery.  The GoPro  and similar cameras use a plastic case that traps the heat in the camera.  The plastic and the air inside the case is a very strong insulator. If you open the case of a GoPro after you use it for awhile you will feel that the camera is hot. The camera even has a warning message that will appear on the message screen when the camera gets too hot.  The instructions from GoPro is to "Simply let it sit and cool down before using it again."   Of course you'd only see that warning if you were looking at the front of the camera.

The NuPro does not need a plastic case around it.   It's own metal construction dissipates the heat and keeps the camera cool.  

2 High usage puts a strain on the battery. The biggest drain on the battery is the viewing screen on the camera. The GoPro has an information screen on the front of the camera alongside the lens.  This is on all the time, draining the battery. Although it is in a position that is not readily visible when you are using the camera.

The NuPro viewing screen is in the back of the camera where you can see it while you are using the camera.  When  you shoot videos, the screen stays "ON" for a short time and then turns "OFF" to stop drawing power from the battery.  So if you are going to attach it to your windshield  and drive or sit it on a tripod and film a sunset, it will be on long enough for you to set up your view and then turn itself off. You can adjust this setting to various times or you can disable it.  It is up to the photographer.