We want to buy your pictures

We want to buy your short videos that you make on the NuPro.  You don't have to be a professional.  In fact we prefer if they are clearly shot by someone who is letting the camera do the work. We want to see what you are doing.


A very special offer.

 If you purchase a NuPro during this promotion we will purchase the first video you send to us that you make with your new camera.

We will pay you $40.00 for it whether or not we use it or even like it. We want to encourage  you. If we feel that we would like to have more videos from you, along with your check for $40.00 we will send you a message offering to purchase more of your work. Don't think your video isn't good enough.  You are guaranteed to get paid for that first effort, no matter what the video looks like so long as you meet the requirements. (see below)  

The videos may be about any sport, hobby, occupation,  recreation, pets, wildlife, humorous situation, or just about anything else you think someone would like to be able to video.


1. It is made with a NuPro camera that you purchased directly from this website.

Note: This does not include cameras purchase in bulk sales or with other special discounts.

2. You have not sold the same video to anyone else.

3. You give  us permission to use it in our advertising.

4.  If the video shows anyone's identifiable face we have their permission to use it.

5. The video is made within 90 days of your purchase of the camera.

6. This offer is good for only one video per camera.  After we see the first video that you send we may negotiate for more video's from you if you would like to continue.

7. You must submit your name and date of purchase with the video.


You may email us at info@nuprocamera.com if you have any questions.