double no camera signsThe NuPro Camera
is packed with features!
No other camera comes close.

The NuPro camera has more built in features than all
the other action/sports cameras combined.


back of camera



Large bright viewing screen

No guessing what your image will be.  Compose it on this
1.5 inch viewing screen. If you are using any of the many
optional effects you can see them before and while you shoot.




empty case


Needs no case, anywhere

The Black Model NuPro will dive to 60 meters without needing to be put in a waterproof plastic case.  Use it in the rain, take
it swimming, take it in the mud or snow,  It will not overheat.
You do not have to worry about condensation inside a
plastic case spoiling the quality of your pictures





camera face oblique



Two button operation

The right button turns it on and off and takes the picture.
The left button makes all your selections.
Or, if your prefer, you can allow the on-board computer
to set everything for you automatically.






boat race


1080 P HD Video
12 Megapixel Stills

View your videos on your wide-screen HD-TV
or publish them on the internet.

Make fine art quality prints of your still pictures 









motion detection

Motion Detection

Whether its to capture that elusive
animal or see what someone is
doing on your premises when you’re
not there, the NuPro will patiently
wait until something moves and begin
shooting until the subject  leaves.
It will start again if they return




Public speaker


Sound Recording

With or without the video running you can record
notes, conversations, comments or sound effects.
It's a handy click on / click off sound recorder







hear see and feel



Hear, See and Feel

Built in beepers, vibrators and LED lights will tell you when
your camera functions so you know even if  you can’t see it.
You can turn these features on and off to avoid attention



four roses



Image Effects in Camera

Your choice of 20 different image effects you can set
in the camera to change the appearance of your
picture.  You can see them in the camera viewing screen
before you shoot.  Here are just 4 of them, clockwise from
upper left, normal, black and white, reverse and vivid








Camera settings like on an SLR

You can allow your NuPro camera computer to make all the
adjustments for you or you may make many of the advanced
adjustments that you would find on the best single lens reflex
cameras, like White Balance and ISO and Resolution and
Exposure Compensation and anti shake and Multi-shot







Special image settings 

To make perfect exposures, you can tell your NuPro
 what kind of picture you will be making. The choices are:
Auto, night, portrait, scenery, back light, sport, party, beach and high sensitivity.








Gopro style photo For tactical and sport use

 The NuPro has an extremely small volume because of its integrated waterproof design. The main shell uses an aluminum magnesium alloy giving it strong impact resistance and making it convenient for both normal outdoor scenes and for underwater use.  The special shell prevents it from overheating.  The little action cameras like the GoPro that need plastic cases overheat in about 1.5 hours of use and must be removed from their cases and cooled. The NuPro's innovative design has patent protection.



TacCamPro shown underwater

The NuPro dives deeper

The black model NuPro is waterproof  to 1.5 times the working depth of other cameras advertised as being for scuba diving.   It does not need to be put in a waterproof case.







 head on piccture of NuPro



Superior lens



F 1.7 lens capable of greater light gathering capabilities with a viewing angle of 120 degrees giving you a larger image of the center subject, all protected from the outside world  by a hardened optical glass port in front of your lens.







 rainbow and gooseAn endless number of features

There are many more features. Most of them can be
combined to make an infinite number of variations to
  suit your creativity.  You can view them before shooting. Or you can let the camera computer do it all. Simply take the NuPro out of your pocket and press the shutter release. Take a look at the instruction manual to get see what else you can do with this little powerhouse of a camera.