Head Harness

Mount the NuPro on your forehead, helmet or hat for a near perfect eye level view 

head harness

Use the head harness while

skiing, SCUBA diving, surfboarding, biking, roller blading or sitting on a wagon. Wear it going down the slide or sitting on the swing. You'll find many more uses.

In addition to mounting it on your head, it fits very nicely over a hat or helmet.

 You'll get some great videos.

The set comes with the strap harness, a fork adapter for the camera and a fitting screw to allow it to swivel up and down.







This is especially useful for SCUBA diving if you want to make a video showing what you see as  you look around on  your dive rather than specific targets.  For example, if you're cruising along a coral reef face or through a canyon this will give you a spectacular view.

It's almost like you are a  human drone looking down on the undersea world.


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