Monopod Selfie Stick

An extension for your arm for a selfie or to get closer to something out of reach

monopod   Monopod / Selfie Stick



This handy little monopod collapses to only 8 inches long and extends to 42 inches. That's not quite long enough to get you to things you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole but it will lift  your camera up over a crowd or a wall or stick it through a fence.

Collapsed it will tuck in your pocket or purse.  There are many places such as museums where you are not allowed to carry a selfie stick.



selfie with cameraMany of the shark pictures that are showing up on Youtube were taken by someone on a boat who stuck their camera in the water on a selfie stick from the safety of the boat deck.

It has a standard tripod socket in the base in case you want to add it to a small tripod for extra height.






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